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Proprietary Tranding Desk


Everyone needs an edge. Ours is making sure our traders get theirs. We’ve worked hard to build an environment that unlocks the potential of every trader and strategist to be a better, more successful individual.


Our Mission

This company was built on the idea that every trader should have an equal opportunity to succeed. To have the tools, technology and capital to push beyond individual constraints. We believe the best trading environment is one where knowledge and ideas are shared, enabling everyone to have more success. We think of it as democratizing trading, and it’s exactly how we empower those who work with us. Our traders are trusted with more capital and more autonomy. Which means the sky’s the limit. How far they go is entirely up to them.


Becoming a Trader at Rising

The road to trading glory at Rising is paved with good old fashioned hard work.

  • A typical path to starting a trading career at Rising starts with a screening process. After you apply, you’ll get a test and questionnaire. If all goes well, you get to the interview stage.
  • If you’re hired, there’s a basic training phase that lasts about six weeks. During that time, we’ll teach you all the fundamentals. You’ll learn everything from terminology to software to basic trading strategies.
  • Then, you’ll begin your apprenticeship with a senior trader. As your mentor, he or she will give you the guidance you need to become fully independent. This can take anywhere from 18 months to two years. It’s a very thorough process, and 80% of candidates don’t make it. But if you do, rest assured you’ll be primed for success.

Experienced Traders

From capital to automation, we provide qualified, proven US equities traders with everything they need to practice a more well-rounded and competitive trading strategy.

Taking a holistic approach includes:

  • Years of experience at your disposal. Coaching, mentorship, risk-management training — anything you need.
  • Automation tools and expertise. Maximize your potential for success.
  • Longevity. More automation equals less burnout.
  • Full backing. Use our capital for your gain.
  • More adaptivity. Gracefully handle changes in markets, technology and strategies.
  • Dedicated technologists. All the tech support you need, when you need it.


Whether you’re an experienced or a developing quantitative strategist, we have the infrastructure, flexibility and capital you need to achieve your business goals.

Experienced Strategists

We’re always looking to partner with skilled and talented quantitative strategists who are focused on short-to-medium term trading. To help make that feeling mutual, we offer qualified candidates a number of competitive advantages.

New to Quantitative Trading

Becoming a quantitative strategist can take time. Developing algorithms, analyzing returns and finding opportunities for optimizations are skills that few have mastered.

Up for the challenge? We can provide you with everything you need to learn how to create models (and avoid common mistakes). Our Industry leading tools will help you sharpen your skills with extensive market data, online documentation and a community forum where you can swap strategies and get the help you need to develop smarter algorithms and become a better modeler.

Quant & Trader Compensation

Compensation is directly tied to trading performance. That’s why we see it as our duty to make sure our technology and training prepare every trader and strategist to find their edge and make the most of it.


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