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The Rising Capital Group

The Most Trusted Investment Group

Rising Is Our Culture

We’ve a saying at our Office “Rising is our Culture”, and not only the name of our company. In last 7 years, we’ve achieved success only because we believe in our Culture “Rising”

Bring Everyone to the TOP

The Rising Capital Group has more than 6000 Associates and 5 Great Companies which provides immense value to every Employee and Client that we serve, and it’s our Objective, to get Growth for EVERYONE. 

Humanly Ethics and Environment

Dealing with people is the only way to reach the TOP, and for that we keep learning, we keep communicating, we keep discussing and deciding the BEST output for everyone Associated with Rising Capital Group. 

Learn Fast, Execute Fast.

It’s a Rapid Era, we believe in Patience and Focus in the Moment but we also believe that Rapidity in Actions is the only way to Rise above the Mountains.. 

Constant Communication and Support

We keep in touch with all our Clients and Associates through various mediums to Ensure the best output and also to ensure every strategic move is discussed, acknowledged and executed.

Diversify to Reach the Top

Indian Economic Industry usually Diversifies their Investments in NIFTY ONLY. But we at Rising Capital, we Diversify your Investments in Multiple Stock Markets to Get Better Returns at almost no risk…

Read The Story Behind
Our Success

Rising Capital Zone had started back in 2012 with a simpler Goal, to get good, ethical returns to Clients that we serve. The Company was started by Shri. Ankur Patel who is the Founder Director of Rising Capital Group, and Shri Rajshri Patel who is the Chief Managing Officer at Rising Capital Group.

With Constant Growt on Investment, All our clients started spreading the word out for us and with Word Of Mouth Publicity, we happen to achieve $30Billion Portfolio along with 750+ Active Investment Clients.

Rising Capital Group is a Group Of Companies which has 5 companies under it’s umbrella and by 2025, Rising Capital Group would have it’s footprints in 10 Major Countries to expand it’s growth opportunity and get better, timeless growth for it’s active investing clients.

You are what your core values are

Ankur PatelFounder, Director at Rising Capital Group

Relationship Forever

Every Customer and Every Team Member are an Asset to the Rising Capital Group… And Relations with Assets are Forever.. 

Customer Centric

The Epicenter of Everyting we do at Rising Capital Group is our Customers, Because Every Customer we’ve has lead us to achieve higher levels of Success in our Journey by far… Whatever we are today, it is because of our Customers, First… 

Innovation is Change, Change is Growth...

We want every member of Rising Capital Group to be as Innovative as possible to bring out the BEST outputs. That’s only possible when you’re constantly learning.

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